About Us

Our history

We wanted to live a sustainable life. That meant free of fossil fuels, using renewable energy sources wherever we could, as efficiently as we could, and producing minimal waste.

We moved to Devon and spent 18 months trying to make that dream a reality. Unfortunately property developers aren’t building sustainable houses, and we couldn’t afford land to build our own. So we downsized from a house to a boat, and now we’re living off-grid back in Cambridgeshire, producing almost zero waste, and very happy with it.

The view from the front of our new home

Our dream home

No fossil fuels

Powered by sustainable energy

Efficient use of water

Generate minimal waste

Close to nature

How we’ve reduced our impact on the planet in a year

19,710 litres

Less water used

17,000 kWh

Less gas burned

2,324 kWh

Less electricity from the grid