How it works

A solar powered electric boat

Powered by the sun

The boat is powered by sixteen 300w solar panels which generate (at peak) 4.8Kw of energy. This provides enough power to run all the appliances, sockets, lights and motors entirely off grid for at least 6 months of the year.

No fossil fuels

The boat is propelled by twin Lynch electric motors at the stern, and a Vetus electric bow thruster at the front, which means no diesel. Along with an electric cooker and electric immersion or log burner water heating the boat uses no fossil fuels at all.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater falling on the boat runs down two channels and into a 1000 litre tank at the front of the boat. That water is pushed through a three-phase filter and used for showers, dishwashing and the washing machine. We top up from the pontoon water feed when it’s dry.

Compost toilet

Rather than a flushing toilet we use a Separett Villa ‘urine diverting’ toilet where the liquid waste goes into an external tank (emptied every two days into on-site facilities) and solid waste goes into a bucket which is emptied into a ‘hot bin’ where all the pathogens are killed within 30 days, and it can then be composted.