Just one moment in the nightmare

A good example this morning of the fear and trepidation of life aboard a boat built by Thames Solar Electric.

09:10 We noticed the pump (which pumps water from the underfloor heating pipes, to the wood burner and into the tank) was labouring. What could it be? Is the pump blocked or is there no water to pump?

09:11 If there’s no water to pump, where is all the water going?!

09:12 S**t! The water in the back boiler on the wood burner isn’t being pumped out fast enough and is now starting to overheat.

09:13 Cut to comedy montage of us scooping burning material out of the wood burner onto a baking tray so we can chuck it in the marina.

09:15 The pump stops labouring.

09:16 Quick post-mortem on why it stopped. Was it caused by;

  1. Sludge or other debris in the fluid circulating round the underfloor heating because he didn’t put any treatment in to prevent debris build up?
  2. The pump being installed the wrong way up? (There are three ways to install the pump, two of them are fine, guess which one the builder did).
  3. A lack of water to pump, implying we’re losing water somewhere in the system, which is possibly now sitting in the bilge?

09:20 Anxiety increases.

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